Monday, December 7, 2009

Endorsements (Blog 7)

LeBron James is arguably the best basketball player in the NBA. His basketball talents make him excellent for selling products, including basketball shoes.

LeBron James currently has his own line of basketball shoes that are sold by Nike. Part of the advertisement campaign for these shoes can be seen in this link. This advertisement shows LeBron getting ready to dunk a basketball. This black and white photo shows LeBron almost as an immortal with the phrase ‘We are all witnesses.’ Even though the shoes are not in the advertisement, anyone who would purchase basketball shoes would know LeBron James because of his great basketball talents.

Because of LeBron James’ high skill level in basketball having him endorse shoes is optimal. People are much more likely to buy basketball shoes from a great NBA basketball player than an average basketball player. Because LeBron is one of the best in the world and he wears Nike shoes, his shoes may give one an advantage over others.

To some extent LeBron should have expertise in choosing a great basketball shoe. However one needs to be aware of the amount of money LeBron gets from wearing Nike shoes, over 90 million dollars.

Even though LeBron is being paid millions not many people would question his ability to play basketball. With his Nike basketball gear one can imagine that they too are one the greatest basketball players.

Because of the huge investment Nike has made and because of the abilities of LeBron James I believe that his advertisements will work in attracting people to buy shoes endorsed by LeBron James. I know these advertisements work because I have personally bought a pair of LeBron James basketball shoes.

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