Monday, December 7, 2009

Comparing (Blog 6)

The use of the death penalty has steadily dropped in approval by the American people. These two articles show reasons to get rid of the death penalty and reasons for the death penalty. As of now I believe the death penalty should not be used. The amount of time and money felons spend fighting for their lives ends up costing tax payers more then just letting them sit in prison.

An article from TIME magazine shows the inefficiencies in the current death penalty system. These inefficiencies allow prisoners on death row to spend over 30 years in some cases fighting to stay in prison. The article also shows the inhuman nature of executions. One person in Louisiana was zapped in an electric chair only to survive because the chair was not working. Now even the murder did not bring his victim to death and then back again. The number of deaths by the death penalty has decreased in the United States, however some states have been expanding the death penalty.

In a CNN article, Texas and Georgia “show no signs of changing course” on the death penalty, while Virginia has been expanding their death penalty. Virginia’s death penalty now includes those who assist in murder.

By reading both articles I find that the death penalty should not be used. The current system is very inefficient and costs more money then locking up a prisoner for the rest of their life. The TIME article is more influential because of the inhumane accounts of the death penalty and effectiveness of explaining how the current death penalty system is flawed.

All in all, my views were changed after I read these articles. I always thought the death penalty should be used but because of its inefficiencies it is not the best option.

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