Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Demonstration Speech

My demonstration speech had some parts I could have worked on. My introduction was good. After watching this however I could have added an interesting quote or some more information about racing. My organization was great I listed everything needed to race. I showed how each part protects you, where you can purchase these, and how to put on the safety gear. I could have explained the safety gear better but they are relatively simple. I could have wrapped up my speech better with a longer conclusion but I got nervous and moved quickly to the end. I practiced my speech but I think practicing in front of more people would help.

My visual aid was the centerpiece of my speech I showed how to put on a race suit. I used the exact safety materials that I used in a real race, and I think it worked very well. Now only I could have brought my racecar here too.

I spoke loud and clear, I stumbled a few times but I believe that to be nervousness. I used a lot of eye contact with a straightforward body language that was not distracting or boring. I think I went at a pace where everyone could understand me but not fall asleep to my speech.

All in all, I could have added a little bit more content to my speech. I made 5 minutes but I could have had a stronger conclusion. I believe it was informative and interesting. The audience was engaged and respectful. I should have checked my hair before my speech but I practiced before and my helmet messed up my hair. However, my speech excelled overall and gave me more confidence in giving more speeches in the future.

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